Faithful Flows Videos for Home Practice 1-4 Intro level

Suggested reading;  “Helpful Tips For a Successful Home Practice.”  

                                                        “Creating a Sweet Spot for Peace, Practice & Prayer


Faithful Flows Level I  –   Entry level flow ideal for those new to postural practices. Introduces foundational movements, simple, slow sequencing, and terminology. This flow can stand alone as beginner practice or done as a warm-up for more advanced flows. Great as an early morning easy flow, or for those with special needs such as back care or prenatal.



Faithful Flows Level II -A continuation of entry-level flow I, Faithful Flows II sees the addition of deeper stretches and slightly longer retentions of poses. Suggested modifications are offered for those not quite ready to advance in certain postures. Attention to alignment and slow and deliberate transitions make this flow ideal for beginners or those with compromised backs and sensitivities.



Faithful Flows Level III – Introduces more core strength work and longer inversions,  a precursor to advanced level flows and practices. Postures are held for longer periods,  making this flow a great transitionary practice in preparation for intermediate level flows.



Faithful Flows Level IV – Introduces intermediate level concepts, longer retentions, planks, push-ups, and deeper stretches. It is strongly suggested that this level flow be mastered prior to moving forward with intermediate level flows 5-8.



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Seated stretching – An easy, simple and overall upper body stretching sequence. Ideal for at the desk, office, or school. anywhere and anytime you need to release tension and fatigue in the upper body, shoulders, neck, and back.


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