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I am LouElla Gauthier,  Personal Trainer, Yoga Siromani and Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant


 Exercise , whether gymnastics, running , bodybuilding…  has been a part of my life in one form or another for over 40 years! The practice of postural  yoga    ( physical component without spiritual nuances)  has helped me to maintain a healthy, flexible spine. Being active and physically fit   has brought me to a place of profound gratitude! I am so grateful to be blessed with a  strong, healthy, fluidly moving body, and sound   mind – especially as I’ve  come into my Golden Years!

Throughout my years as a Yoga Siromani, (certified Sivananda 1992) and fitness professional, I have had the privilege of working with and teaching all kinds of people; professional athletes, an Olympic competitor, lung cancer survivors, and people just like you. Many of them came to  me with specific physical needs and expectations. Others burdened with stress and trauma both physical and emotional, bound to bodies that didn’t work for them. Limited, cumbersome, and lacking in vitality. The integration of stretches, isometrics,  asana practice and breath work to their lives transformed their bodies (prisons) into confident, strong, vessels of vitality.

My heart felt desire is to provide guidance, support, educate, and inspire all those who are inquiring and interested in joining in this “Wellness Walk.”   I look forward to witnessing your growth, your healing,  and your arrival at a place of physical & mental harmony.

Looking forward to sharing future blogs and videos with you!

God bless, and Thank-you for joining me!



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