“There’s Nothing Like iT!”

My Passion for Contemporary (Postural) Yoga

I love this system  of mind and body fitness!

I loved it before I knew what I was doing! Seriously! I was around 8 years old when my sibling and friends used me as Guinea pig when experimenting with the yoga positions  they were learning in their class. I mean this was the early 70`s! Yoga was big and so were their imaginations as I was bent, twisted, and contorted into  pretzel like postures!

I enjoyed all the attention that was for certain but never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that someday I would be a Siromani! (Teacher).

Forty-four years later and  I feel very blessed to have a healthy, strong, limber body ! The difference today, however, than in the past, is that I have a more comprehensive knowledge of  and understand of what modern postural yoga  is and its benefits. It’s still a challenge, I’m still developing, and it’s still exciting! It has become more than just postures, stretches, and contortions to me. It is mindful concentration and setting physical goals. It’s between me and  my body.  Yes, the “point de depart” for many new  enthusiasts is physical, but with time and discipline, it develops into a mental exercise! This is the essence  of modern contemporary  practice, or what I refer to as postural fitness. By this I mean a system of movements inspired by callisthenics, gymnastics, and isometrics, that focuses on the physical components, postural alignment, breath-work, and concentration  without the eastern spiritualism. The pace, focusing on one posture at a time with pauses for reflection and connection between each movement allows the participant to develop both physical strength and mental  focus and stamina. Honestly,  I feel more in-tuned, more aware, and more in control of my movements now at 52 than I did at 22!

Contemporary  yoga (modern postural practice)  is really cool! It’s non-exhaustive. You can never have the routine down packed. Impossible, because it (You) are constantly evolving, physically and mentally. The more I realize how amazing the human body is and the capacities it has, the more in awe I am of the mastermind that designed it! God is good, and I thank him for a sound body and mind, but most importantly a desire to tend to and take care this vessel He has entrusted me with. The vehicle which transports my ever grateful soul!

 Yes, I have been a busy body all my life. I have taken and taught, aerobics, step, aqua-fitness, boot camp, and stretching…

I have jogged, swam, biked, windsurfed… I have competed in bodybuilding contest, aerobic fitness competitions, and gymnastics. But none of these come close to  contemporary  yoga for toning, strengthening, and building on core strength, balance, flexibility, and concentration in such a supportive, nurturing approach.

Contemporary  Yoga  really is an awesome discipline.  With time and faithful commitment to daily practice,  (see Faithful Flows for session suggestions) a fuller state of physical and mental wellbeing  is yours and with a minimum of stress, wear and tear on the body.


-LouElla <><



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