Origins of the Yoga Species * The Evolution of Modern Postural Yoga * When, Where, How This phenomenon that is Westernized Yoga Came to Be



Mission Statement

“I simply want to see people healthy - physically - mentally & spiritually.” The mission of Awesome Asanas is to function as a resource for those seeking information about today's contemporary yoga, it's origins,   physical & mental benefits and alternative practices for Christians.   The goal is to motivate and support individuals interested in making healthy lifestyle changes … Continue reading Mission Statement

Faithfull Flows * A Christian Alternative to Yoga

As Christians, our time of devotion, worship, and spiritual nourishment isn’t limited to Sunday morning service and Wednesday night Bible studies. Instead, its  a daily, deliberate cultivation of mind (meditating on God’s word) body (stewardship of these vessels) and spirit (intentionality) Faithful Flows a Christian alternative to yoga,   are a series of movements that have … Continue reading Faithfull Flows * A Christian Alternative to Yoga